What To Do When Your Wordpress Site Gets Hacked Part 1.

As of now, WordPress is already powering 48 of the blogs on the Internet. Aside from that, WP is also powering 19% of the web as a whole. It means whenever they want instant creation of websites and blogs that a great deal of people trust WordPress.


Finally, installing the rename your login url to secure your wordpress website Scan plugin will check most of this for you, and alert you to anything that you may have missed. It will also tell you that a user named"admin" exists. Of course, that is your user name. You find directions if you desire and can follow a link. I personally believe that a password is good security, and because I followed those steps, there have been no successful attacks on the sites that I run.

The one I recommend, and the approach, is to use one of the password creation and storage plugins available on your browser. I think his explanation after a trial period, you need to pay for it, although RoboForm is liked by people. I use the free version of Lastpass, and I recommend it for those of you who use Firefox or Internet Explorer. That will generate secure passwords for you; you use one master password to log in.

Before you can delete the default admin account, you need to create a user. To do this go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on User -> Create New User. Then enter all the information you will need to enter.

You may extend the plugin features with premium plugins such as: Amazon S3 plugin, Members only plugin, DropShop etc.. So I think this plugin is a fantastic choice and you can use it.

But realize that online security is something you really need to start thinking about. Do not just be the type, take action to start today protecting yourself. Do not let Joe the Hacker make your life miserable and turn all in creating come crashing down in a matter of moments, that you've worked hard.

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